Coyote Placing the Stars, A Navajo Creation Story

Coyote Placing the Stars, A Navajo Creation Story

This is a story of one of the Creation stories of the past in out Navajo Legends/Culture. This is a story of how the Stars were placed in the sky...

Tree of Life / Corn Pollen Chant, a Navajo Sandpainting Design

The following is a description of the design elements used in the Tree of Life / Corn Pollen Chant Navajo sandpainting. At the center is a Cornstalk which is one of the four sacred plants of the Navajo people – 1.  Corn (used in wedding and healing ceremonies) 2.  Squash 3.  Beans 4.  Tobacco The fanned feathers at the top of the Central Cornstalk symbolize the powers of clear thought and good judgment.

Common Zuni Fetish Carvings and their Meanings

This ancient art form is rooted in complex Zuni religious beliefs. Zuni Fetishes are hand carved "animal totems" from the Zuni tribe in New Mexico. Fetishes were shaped from organic material to serve as abodes for spirits, and would impart their powers to those who carried them. The Zunis believe that the animal shares some of its traits with the bearer of a Fetish Carving. Each Zuni Fetish Animal has a different meaning and is used for different purposes.

Navajo Rug Purses... Truly Wearable Art

Merging the worlds of fashion, art, and history, our Navajo Rug Purses truly are pieces of wearable art. The process of creating these beautiful handbags, clutches, wallets, and weekender bags is one that combines the talents of artists living a century apart, to ultimately bring our customers a durable, handmade piece of the Southwest that can be used every day.