Red Coral, or Mediterranean Coral, refers to several species of marine coral including corrallium rubrum. Jewelry-grade coral is known for its bright red or pink skeletons that can be brightly polished. The highest quality red coral comes from the Mediterranean Sea.

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Bisbee Turquoise and Coral Bola Tie
Dragonfly Pendant
Gold Coral Pendant
Number Eight Turquoise and Coral Cuff
Coral Pendant
Coral Pendant
Coral Earrings
Inlay Bola Tie
Inlay Pendant
Inlay Earrings
Snake Dancer Bola Tie
1970s Thunderbird Necklace
Night Sky Bola Tie
Colorful Inlay Pendant
Coral Clip Earrings
Coral Ring
Blue Jay Pendant
Robin Pin and Pendant
1970s Bisbee Turquoise and Coral Cuff
1970s Coral Pin and Pendant
Vintage Inlay Ring
Coral Inlay Earrings
Coral Inlay Earrings
Coral Huggie Earrings

554 results

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