Mark Tahbo

Mark Tahbo is one of the finest Hopi Potters, and he has won many of the top awards. He was born and raised on First Mesa.  He learned the art of creating pots from his father’s side of the family.  He was inspired and influenced by his great grandmother Grace Chapella.  Grace was 100 years old when Mark started making pots at age 18. He loves the old designs and was heavily influenced by the older potters and their designs.

Mark is an amazing storyteller, and he tells a story with every pot that he creates. He has such a love for the history and legends of days gone by.  He lives below the hills of ancient ruins, and he is inspired by them as he sees them from his windows.

He loves nature and tries to incorporate nature into his pottery by using the seasons and the themes of daily life of the Hopi.

He has been invited to speak and demonstrate his art throughout the United States, London, Paris and most recently Holland.  His work is shown in many museums including The Heard Museum, Gene Autry, Smithsonian, Denver Art Museum, Museum of Man and many more.

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