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      Edison Smith

      Edison is the most humble artist you will ever want to meet.  He does not even like to talk about himself, and does not like recognition. In fact, he rarely even enters into shows with awards.

      Edison lives in the Steamboat area, south of Chinle. He lives without electricity, and he only uses a propane lantern or a battery light on his head if he works at night. We asked him who was a mentor for him, who inspired or taught him to become an amazing silversmith. So it was a great surprise that he did not learn it at home or in his Navajo community. It was in Santa Fe where he attended St. Catherine’s Catholic Indian High School as a young boy that his natural hidden talent came alive.  He was taught by a catholic nun, Sister Angela Marie.  He speaks fondly of the woman who taught him silversmithing.  She was a kind woman, and she had attended the University of San Xavier in New Orleans. Edison was a painter first, but this loving and patient sister inspired and taught him many subjects including art and silversmithing.

      His favorite thing in jewelry making is creating new designs and techniques. Every day he lets his artwork be inspired as he is working with the beautiful and natural materials.

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