Dina Huntinghorse

Wichita jewelry designer Dina Huntinghorse incorporates a blend of traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques to create masterful works of wearable art. Although gold and silver work is rarely seen among the tribes of the Great Plains, Dina's life experiences introduced her to the craft, and inspired her to develop her own unique style.

Raised in southwestern Oklahoma, Dina's first love was of horses, and she learned to reproduce their likeness in pencil sketches and paintings. She was later taught the traditional art of beadwork by an aunt, and became known for her beaded deerskin purses. In 1989, her interest in jewelry was piqued when her late husband, Navajo jeweler Herbert Taylor, taught her to cut beads and do inlay work. Dina began making jewelry on her own in 1996. Her work is featured in galleries throughout the southwest, and she is a regular participant at the Heard Museum Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Along with her respect for the horse, Dina is also known for her affection for the wolf. Through many of her designs, Dina honors her tribal teachings of the wolf's legendary hunting abilities and their human-like regard for the family (pack).

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