1970s Spinner Pendant

$ 1,600.00
Item No: 713906

Late 1970s Sterling Silver "Spinner" Pendant with Mosaic Inlaid Designs of a Cardinal and a Hummingbird using Turquoise, Jet, Abalone Shell, White Marble, Mediterranean Coral, and Tortoise Shell. The center inlaid disc spins, so you can show either side of the pendant. Stamped JL, for Jake Livingston, on the inside of the outer circle. Jake Livingston was born in 1946. He won three Purple Hearts during his service as a Marine in the Vietnam War. He won IACA artist of the year. Jake Livingston is of Navajo and Zuni Heritage and learned jewelry making from famous Zuni inlay artist, Dennis Edaakie.

3.125" Width, 3.375" Height

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