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Garland's represents hundreds of the most talented jewelry artists in the Southwest. In some cases, we've been working with artists for over 40 years and multiple generations. We are aware of our role in supporting traditional arts, and we value our relationships with both artists and customers equally. Strong relationships and a good reputation enable us to offer an extensive selection of high quality, authentic, handmade Native American jewelry at the most competitive prices. Our collection also extends to antique and vintage Southwestern jewelry ranging from the 1920s-1990s.

Browse one of the largest selections of American Indian jewelry in the world. Most of our inventory is online, but feel free to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. If you have any questions regarding our art, we have a knowledgable staff who would be happy to assist you!

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17 products
Turquoise Cluster Ring
Fannie Begay
$ 80.00
Basket Ring
Roland Begay
$ 240.00
Kingman Turquoise Ring
Bob Robbins
$ 160.00
Stamped Silver Ring
Bryan Joe
$ 150.00
Cerrillos Turquoise Ring
Jesse Thompson
$ 200.00
Royston Turquoise Ring
Alex Sanchez
$ 420.00
Saddle Ring
Bryan Joe
$ 125.00
Indian Mountain Turquoise Ring
Steve Arviso
$ 480.00
Tyrone Turquoise Ring
Peter Nelson
$ 250.00
Coral Concha Ring
Fidel Bahe
$ 650.00
Pixie Turquoise Ring
Noah Pfeffer
$ 400.00
Gold Inlay Ring
Rose Ann Lee
$ 850.00
Spiny Oyster Shell Ring
David Lister
$ 170.00
Hopi Kachina Ring
Bennett Kagenveama
$ 225.00
Turquoise Flower Ring
Rebecca Begay
$ 480.00
Boulder Turquoise Ring
Mary and Everett Teller
$ 230.00
Adjustable Overlay Petroglyph Ring, Arland Ben, Jewelry, Garland's
Adjustable Overlay Petroglyph Ring, Arland Ben, Jewelry, Garland's
Adjustable Petroglyph Ring
Arland Ben
$ 420.00