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Mosaic Inlaid CuffMosaic Inlaid Cuff
Mosaic Inlay CuffMosaic Inlay Cuff
Mosaic Inlay PendantMosaic Inlay Pendant
Inlay CuffInlay Cuff
Inlay PendantInlay Pendant
Inlay PendantInlay Pendant
Yei CuffYei Cuff
Edison Cummings Yei Cuff
$ 3,400
Cobbled Inlay PendantCobbled Inlay Pendant
Inlay Bola TieInlay Bola Tie
Rain Drop Cast BraceletRain Drop Cast Bracelet
Red Mountain Turquoise NecklaceRed Mountain Turquoise Necklace
Coral Necklace with PendantCoral Necklace with Pendant
Multi-Stone Inlay CuffMulti-Stone Inlay Cuff

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