"Shifting Sands" Plate

$ 1,900.00
Item No: P1809

Eloquent Plate made from White Clay near Second Mesa, this unique piece features a sand design carved onto it's surface to give a natural appearance. Following Preston's famous integration of ceramic and metal, this plate is accented with two Shifting Sands Sterling Silver Ingots which are cast against Cuttlefish Bone.

"His Hopi name is Lomaiquilvaa--Carried in Beauty. This name was given to him after a relative had carried the sleeping boy home late at night following his initiation ceremony. How appropriate that name has become his hallmark. The world outside the Hopi Pueblo knows him as Preston Duwyenie: artist, teacher, father, friend."

"His designs are rooted in centuries old legends of the earth's creation, of how time began, and of how it passes. His shifting sands series integrates ceramic and metal, reflecting one moment in time for the artist. He remembers watching a smooth pebble caught in sand being shifted by the wind, 'there was beauty in its isolation within the sea of sand. It was like an island.' Among other things the series symbolizes for the artist 'the endless sands of time, and the fact that people, too are tossed about by the wind. There is always rippling in our lives."

(Tribal Expressions Hopi Pottery)

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