Hopi Kachina Basket

$ 2,400.00
Item No: B1864

Hand Coiled Basket with Hopi Kachina Figures Alternating between Mudhead (Koyemsi) and Spotted Corn Kachina (Avachhoya). Annette Nasafotie's signature is the colorful rim of her baskets that represents rain clouds in the sky. For the Hopi people, only the women weave baskets. Annette is from the 2nd Hopi Mesa.

Annette gathers all of her own materials to create natural vegetal dyes for her baskets. Here are the sources for the various colors that Annette Nasafotie used in this basket:

White: The Beargrass is left in the Sun until it is bleached white.

Yellow: Leaves that were exposed to freezing temperatures before gathered and then left outside in sun and rain.

Green: The outside of leaves that are picked at certain times of year.

Black: The Beargrass is boiled with wild sunflower seeds.

Red: The Beargrass is boiled with Mormon Tea Plant.

10" Diameter, 9" Height

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