Gold Badger Paw Cuff

$ 13,000.00
Item No: 2C2623

Tufa Cast 18k Gold Bracelet with a Badger Paw Designs that Represents Healing. This beautiful cuff is a re-creation of a gold piece that Charles Loloma made for Sonwai. It's one of the only pieces that Sonwai wears every day and this piece is a tribute.

Verma Nequatewa was known as "Sonwai" to her uncle: Charles Loloma. His influence continues to shine through in her work, from her preference for using high quality stones to her attention to detail and precision throughout the lapidary process.

As Verma stated in her book: "Charles spoiled us by purchasing and using only the finest of stones. I continue to enjoy inlaying with only the finest of materials, looking for the inner secrets of each. Sometimes the idea for a piece comes from a stone—the way it is shaped or the feeling it gives. From the stones comes the shape and structure of the inlay. My role is to allow the stones to become what they can, in the way that they need to be. When a piece is completed, it can then go on its own to create joy and happiness in others."

1.125" Cuff Width

5.875" Inside Measurement, plus 1" opening

(6.875" Total Circumference - Medium-Large)

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