Tawma Lalo

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Tawma Lalo

Raynard “Tawma” Lalo is Spider Clan from the Hopi village of Hotevilla, born in 1984.  He is the son of Valjean Lalo and Dorlene Gashweseoma.  Tawma began carving as a teenager and specializes in traditional or “Old Style” kachina dolls.  Tawma uses all natural pigments or minerals found locally near the Hopi Villages.

His father is one of the last weavers of ceremonial sashes, kilts, and shirts made of cotton. His mother is one of the finest basket weavers who creates many ceremonial baskets for the tribe. Tawma has recently begun creating jewelry from a collection of stones left to him from his grandfather. He is specializing in beaded necklaces and earrings and learning the Hopi art of overlay.



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