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Chris Nieto

Christopher Nieto makes jewelry from the large and spectacular to the small and intricate. He specializes in inlay work on spiny oyster or deer antler. His spiny oyster shells are unique in that he inlays into the shell so that the piece is completely smooth. Most just inlay on top of the shell. This takes much more work and skill.

He has only recently entered his art into the larger Native American shows and he has already won awards.

Chris won 1st place IACA in Albuquerque for his jewelry.

March 2011 Chris won 1st place “Best of Division” in his lapidary work at the Heard Museum Show.

Chris is married and has 4 children ages 5-16. He spends most of his free time with his children and attending their sport activities. Chris was a self taught jeweler and his style is unique and original. He is a very kind and loving man to all those that he meets.


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33 products