Aaron Toadlena

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Aaron Toadlena

As a testament to the rich cultural influences of his people, this rare artist brings to life the true spirit of Native American jewelry arts. With a career over 35 years in the making, Aaron has become an accomplished silversmith, mastering the fine craft of stone inlay, as well as many other traditional Native American jewelry making techniques. He has received numerous awards at Gallup, New Mexico Ceremonial and his work is featured in museums and galleries around the world.

A resident of the Navajo reservation, Aaron now celebrates his success and growing recognition for his artistry, with a new line of “Vintage Revisited” traditional Native American jewelry designs of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.

“Creation” is perhaps the single word which best describes the talent which has been harnessed by Aaron Toadlena. He and his wife of over 35 years reside with their family, within the four sacred mountains of his people, the Dine, in the southwest highlands of  of Arizona.

All of the fine jewelry made by Aaron has been stamped with a handprint, which is symbolic of the Creators Five Finger clan. The creation of his jewelry evolves when his mind, heart, eyes and hands work in concert. The melody of the silver art work if from the well of his soul.

Aaron understands that his gift and talent are a blessing from the Holy People. He has sustained the livelihood of his family by working with stones which have very special meaning. Today, the elders of his people continue to make their offerings of white shell, turquoise, abalone shell and jet for the goodness of life near the natural streams. These stones are complimented with silver and gold, with the same thought in mind...the goodness of life. His fine art work is often created late in the evening or in the early dawn at the home of Toadlena - where the streams come together.

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Turquoise and Silver Cuff
Aaron Toadlena