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1970s Sleeping Beauty Buckle1970s Sleeping Beauty Buckle
Carico Lake EarringsCarico Lake Earrings
1970s Turquoise Concha Belt1970s Turquoise Concha Belt
1960s Morenci Turquoise Concha Belt1960s Morenci Turquoise Concha Belt
1960s Turquoise Cuff1960s Turquoise Cuff
1930s Fred Harvey Cuff1930s Fred Harvey Cuff
1970s Turtle Fetish Necklace1970s Turtle Fetish Necklace
1930s Turquoise Cuff1930s Turquoise Cuff
1940s Concha Belt1940s Concha Belt
Ithaca Peak Turquoise CuffIthaca Peak Turquoise Cuff
Rainbowman Pin and PendantRainbowman Pin and Pendant
Turquoise PinTurquoise Pin
1940s Arrow Pin1940s Arrow Pin
Turquoise and Coin PinTurquoise and Coin Pin
Turquoise Bead NecklaceTurquoise Bead Necklace
1960s Tab Necklace1960s Tab Necklace
1960s Sandcast Cuff1960s Sandcast Cuff
1970s Coral and Turquoise Cuff1970s Coral and Turquoise Cuff
1930s Concha Belt1930s Concha Belt
1970s Turquoise Cuff1970s Turquoise Cuff
Candelaria Turquoise Hat PinCandelaria Turquoise Hat Pin
1960s Inlay Ring1960s Inlay Ring
1960s Inlay Ring1960s Inlay Ring
1960s Bisbee Turquoise Squash Blossom1960s Bisbee Turquoise Squash Blossom
1960s Bisbee Turquoise Ring1960s Bisbee Turquoise Ring
1969 Turquoise Pin1969 Turquoise Pin
1960s Fetish Necklace1960s Fetish Necklace
1960s Turquoise Ring1960s Turquoise Ring
1960s Turquoise Ring1960s Turquoise Ring
1970s Turquoise Necklace1970s Turquoise Necklace
1950s Squash Blossom Necklace1950s Squash Blossom Necklace
1960s Persian Turquoise Cuff1960s Persian Turquoise Cuff
1960s Concha Belt1960s Concha Belt
1930-40s Concha Belt1930-40s Concha Belt
Vintage Turquoise RingVintage Turquoise Ring

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