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1920s J.B. Moore Crystal1920s J.B. Moore Crystal
1915 Ganado1915 Ganado
1925 Two Grey Hills1925 Two Grey Hills
1940s Multi-Pattern1940s Multi-Pattern
Yei be ChaiYei be Chai
Teec Nos Pos
1930s Yei be chai Dancers1930s Yei be chai Dancers
1930s Ganado1930s Ganado
Vintage Collection Ganado
$ 15,000
1940s Red Mesa1940s Red Mesa
1930s Storm Pattern1930s Storm Pattern
1940s Teec Nos Pos Runner1940s Teec Nos Pos Runner
1920s Teec Nos Pos1920s Teec Nos Pos
1940s Bisti
1930s Teec Nos Pos Red Mesa Outline1930s Teec Nos Pos Red Mesa Outline
1920s Klagetoh

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