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1920s Crystal1920s Crystal
1920s Crystal1920s Crystal
1925-35  Sandpainting Rug1925-35  Sandpainting Rug
1890s Transitional Blanket1890s Transitional Blanket
1930s Ganado Red1930s Ganado Red
1925-30 Sandpainting Rug1925-30 Sandpainting Rug
Third Phase Chief BlanketThird Phase Chief Blanket
1930s Red Mesa Chief Blanket1930s Red Mesa Chief Blanket
1890s Transitional1890s Transitional
1875-1880 Child's Serape1875-1880 Child's Serape
1930s Chief Blanket Variation1930s Chief Blanket Variation
1960s Bisbee Turquoise Squash Blossom1960s Bisbee Turquoise Squash Blossom
1960s Concha Belt1960s Concha Belt
1930-40s Concha Belt1930-40s Concha Belt
1940s Two Grey Hills1940s Two Grey Hills
1910s Zuni Olla1910s Zuni Olla
1920s Zia Bowl1920s Zia Bowl
1940-50s Two Grey Hills1940-50s Two Grey Hills
1940s Yei-be-chai1940s Yei-be-chai
1945 Yei-be-chai1945 Yei-be-chai
1930s Yei1930s Yei
Vintage Collection 1930s Yei
$ 6,500
1910s JB Moore Crystal
Vintage Collection Ganado
$ 9,500
Vintage Collection Crystal
$ 5,500
1890s Germantown
1940s Teec Nos Pos1940s Teec Nos Pos
1920s J.B. Moore Crystal1920s J.B. Moore Crystal
1950s Regional Runner1950s Regional Runner
1930s Yei be chai Dancers1930s Yei be chai Dancers
1930s Ganado
1930s Red Mesa1930s Red Mesa
1930s Red Mesa1930s Red Mesa
1960s Wide Ruins1960s Wide Ruins
1940s Bisti
1940s Teec Nos Pos
1920s Klagetoh

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