"Happiness" Necklace

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Double Strand Bead and Jacla Necklace titled, "Happiness". This Beautiful Necklace Features Hand Rolled Natural, High Grade Carico Lake Turquoise from Nevada and Oxblood Mediterranean Coral Beads with 22k Gold Spacers. The 22k Gold Clasp is set with three natural Carico Lake Turquoise Clam Fossils (48cts bordered by 14.2cts each) and one hanging Carico Clam Fossil (25cts). A central Carico Lake Turquoise Clam Fossil (86 cts) connects the necklace to the jaclas and completes this one-of-a-kind, collector’s piece by Larry Vasquez.

Carico Lake Fossilized Clams are extremely rare. Carico Lake is a turquoise mine located in a dry lake bed in Nevada. Clam fossils deposited in this lakebed eventually dissolved and over time the clam-shaped cavities were filled with this beautiful green Turquoise.

This necklace can be worn two different ways as seen in the photographs. The first way is to have the jaclas hang down in front. However, the necklace can also be reversed with the jaclas hanging down the back of the neck in order to feature the beautiful Carico Lake Turquoise Fossil stones set in 22k Gold.

Necklace Length: 24" (Jaclas Hang Down an Additional 7")

Larry Vasquez titled this necklace, "Happiness". Larry Vasquez includes hand written letters with each of his pieces, which will come with the necklace. This necklace includes this poem by Mr. Vasquez: 


(From the Series of The Ancients Sing Their Songs)

"As the ancients came down the four long steps of eternity they became four strands in Time, revealing the gifts of love.

Their songs were heard as they uttered the words of love that became beams of light.

Each beam was an individual being that will reveal the individual knowing that is all that you are.

As we see is all that is. As we hear is a moment in time. In our doing is all that is and ever will be.

These words are inscribed in each stone that is gathered together for the healing of body, mind, and soul.

First Jacla is the keeper of the keys. Second Jacla are the doors to The Record Keepers, and The Guardians of the Heart.

So I say, 'all is well'"

- Larry Vasquez (Lavrio Raul Paton)


Materials used:

Collector Stone - Carico Lake Clam Fossil (86cts)

Extension main stone (48cts) with 2 tear drops with hooks (14.20cts each)

1 hanging drop (25cts)

All Above Stones are Carico Lake Turquoise Fossils

All beads are Carico Lake Turquoise Fossils Handmade by Larry Vasquez

Coral from Mt. Vesuvius in the Mediterranean Beads Handmade by Larry Vasquez

All Gold on Pendants is 22k

Gold Spacers handmade by Larry Vasquez in 22k Gold

All Gold on Hooks and Jump Rings 18k Gold

Replacement Value: $68,000

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