Preston Haley

Preston was born in October of 1996 near Gallup, New Mexico.  He’s a fifth generation silversmith.  He’s the nephew of Ruby Haley, who is a famous artist for making Navajo Pearl necklaces.  Ruby’s grandmother, Annie Bahe Begay, taught Ruby the art of bead making when she was only six years old.  Preston’s cousins, Victoria, Veltenia, and Ben, are also very accomplished bead makers.

Preston learned the art of bead-making a few years ago from his aunt Ruby (he’s pictured here with Ruby).  Ruby first started buying silver for Preston when his father was laid off at the coal mine so he could start making a living for himself.  He finds his artistic inspiration from his Aunt, and he likes to use a stamp on his beads that was passed down from his great-grandmother Annie. 

Preston is currently a Freshman at San Juan College, and he drives a couple of hours one way to attend his classes.  In his spare time he enjoys welding, horseback riding, working with cattle, and roping.  He helps other people out with their ranches in the local area.  Because of his love for animals, he features a horse or cattle stamp on some of his beads.  Preston is a sweet and soft-spoken young man with loads of potential!

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