Piki Wadsworth

PikI Wadsworth is the daughter of Cheryl Yestewa and Glenn Wadsworth.  Her parents are known for some of the finest hand rolled turquoise necklaces. Piki was born on April 25, 1980 on Second Mesa, Arizona on the Hopi reservation.  She was born at home and is number 3 of 9 children. She is the only child of renowned artist Cheryl Yestewa that is carrying on the tradition of the gorgeous handmade turquoise beads.  She has been around the art all her life, and helped to drill and string beads for her parents at the young age of 10. It has only been in the last 3 years that she has gone out on her own. She is rapidly becoming one of the best Native bead makers. Piki lives in California and has 2 young daughters.

She makes her way to Arizona to visit family and sell her jewelry. Piki loves and appreciates the outdoors, and spends her spare time enjoying hiking and biking with her girls. Piki is a very talented young woman with a bright future.

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