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    Nick Nez

    Nick Nez is a young Navajo silversmth from Chinle, Arizona. Nick has a twin sister and three brothers. While most of his childhood was consumed by his love of basketball - he was the starting point guard for All-State Chinle High School - Nick has always had a talent for drawing.  As he grew from a boy to a teenager, his talent for drawing improved to the point where he began to make a name for himself locally. 

    Recognizing his natural talent, Ray Keams encouraged him to continue his art and suggested he consider learning how to work in silver.  Inspired by Keams, Nez sought out friends who were learning the trade and quickly picked it up himself.  He started with 16-gauge copper and learned to cut by breaking plenty of blades. As his skill progressed, he worked with finer materials until he With his silver skill set now refined, Nick has taken his drawing designs and translated them into silver overlay designs.  With this combination, a budding artist has emerged.

    Nick lives in Chinle, has his EMT license, and works for the Navajo Nation EMS. However, he is passionate about his jewelry and art- and hopes to eventually make it a full time career. Nick is very young, born in 1991, but is talented beyond his age. We are proud to support and encourage his development.

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