Kachina Cuff

$ 3,800


Wide Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Five Applique Kachina Designs On the Outside of the Cuff and Hand Stamped Designs. Two Kachinas have 14K gold Feathers around their masks, One is set with Mediterranean Coral, and the other is Inlaid with Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Jet and Mediterranean Coral. This Cuff also Features Twenty Applique Koshare Clowns on the Inside of the cuff.

This Cuff is signed by Clarence and Russell Lee and the piece is a collaborative effort between father and son Navajo silversmiths. This bracelet was purchased in the early 2000s directly from Clarence Lee.

1.375" Cuff Width

6.125" Inside Measurement, plus 1.375" opening

(7.5" Total Circumference - Extra-Large)

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