Mangas Slinkey

“I am of Navajo and Lakota heritage from Window Rock, Az.  I have been metal smithing for about 10 years.  Only in the last few years have I been incorporating my original designs into my own artwork.  What got me started on this reemergence into my artwork was the time I was in college studying to become an environmental scientist and the need for an outlet and time away from my studies.”

“I consider myself not only a jeweler but also an artist. With each design, I  consider the practicality of form and function and whether the design can become a wearable item of jewelry as well as a displayable piece of artwork.”

His mother named him Mangas Colorado after a famous Apache Chief, MangasColoradas, the chief of Geronimo.  Slinkey is his mother’s name.  His father, Michael Little Elk, is also a well known jeweler.

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