Edison Begay

     Born in 1954 in Ganado, Arizona, Edison Begay is a Native American from the Navajo Tribe. He states that he was greatly inspired by artists in the well known Hubbell Trading Post, a place near Ganado.  His style is classic and traditional, and he uses high quality stones in his work.

From shadowbox pendants to mosaic inlay cuffs, his work reflects mastery of many techniques. A self-taught silversmith, he has been working with both gold and silver for over 25 years. He currently resides in the Phoenix area.

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Bisbee Turquoise Pendant
Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Bisbee Turquoise Ring
Bisbee Turquoise Ring
Tonopah Turquoise Ring - Jewelry - Edison Begay - 1
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