Bryon Yellowhorse

Born in 1972, Bryon is the son of Frank and Elsie Yellowhorse, the younger brother of Alvin Yellowhorse, and the cousin of Veronica Yellowhorse. Bryon's Aunt Artie Yellowhorse and his cousin Lionel Yellowhorse are also well-known Navajo silversmiths. His uncle was Chief Juan Yellowhorse, most known for his roadside jewelry stand on US89 near Cameron, AZ.         

Very tiny hand-cut stones are the hallmark of a Bryon Yellowhorse piece. He is known to compose his pieces in seemingly random color patterns – but to the discriminating eye, each color is chosen with much thought in mind. A Navajo Eye Dazzler rug has been used as his inspiration for some of his pieces. He adds excitement to the piece by adding the occasional raised stone.

Bryon had much the same beginnings in the jewelry world as brother, Alvin. Selling to tourists at the side of the road proved to be a valuable learning ground for the Yellowhorses. And through much hard work and determination, as well as a love of his work, Bryon has excelled in his craft.

Being recognized by countless awards for their work, Bryon and Alvin were both featured in the August 1999 edition of “Smithsonian Magazine.” The article highlighted the use of turquoise in contemporary Native American jewelry, and anyone with the pleasure of seeing some of Bryon’s work up close, can see why the Smithsonian would be happy to feature his work.

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