Augustine and Frieda Mowa

Augustine and Frieda Mowa

Augustine is a gentleman and a fine man in every sense.  He is a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a keeper of the culture and the tradition.  He is a philosopher, a story teller, and a teacher.  When we asked Augustine for his thoughts, what he wanted to say on this page, he paused for a moment and said he would give us something the following day.  As typical of Augustine, rather than a personal biography, he has provided  us a glimpse into the spirit of Hopi.

In Augustine's own words...............

HOPI DUDUHISTU - In Hopi, duhisa means an exceptional artist and it can also mean someone who can possess great powers, great creative talents, understanding all languages, understanding the power of nature, and the power of animals.

SUS LOMAHINDA - When something is made in its' true sense, is made with spiritual energy, it has that aura.  It has that strength and you can feel it, even just by looking at it.  You know it has that feeling, it possesses that strength and that is positive.  That is when you say E'BUS SUS LOMAHINDA.

You have purchased a fine piece of Augustine Mowa's piecework, the artist.  I have been making unique overlay jewelry for the past 30 years.  Unique because the concepts and the designs are exclusive Hopi.

The art work proudly bears my hallmark, which is the Sun, Moon, and the Star because I am the Sun Clan.  The designs in the jewelry reflects Hopi cultural and ceremonial influence of my daily life.

 DESIGNS - The designs are arranged for a simple elegant appearance.  Many of the designs may represent a specific thing.  These designs are inspired by the Creatures of Feathers, of majestic birds found around us.  They may symbolize the Rain, Clouds, Water (always important in the arid Southwest), mountains, and the animals, the Deer, the Bear, the Wild Trukey, etc.  These are always the product of my creative mind.  The artistic talent and skill of the Hopi artisan combine to make truly unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Although the best way to test the size and fit of a piece of jewelry is to try it on in the store, we know that is not always an option. In an effort to help you choose the piece that is right for you, we have included measurements of each piece on the website. Here is how our measurements are defined:


Finding the right size bracelet for your wrist has always been a tricky endeavor, since, unlike rings, there isn't a standardized, universal sizing chart for wrist size. One reason for this is that we all have different shaped wrists, some of us have round wrists, while others have more oval. Bracelets, like wrists, also have different shapes.

So, while bracelet sizing will never be an exact science, we've done what we can to ensure the greatest chance of a comfortable fit. The best thing you can do if you don't know your wrist size is to take a soft measuring tape and loosely measure the circumference of your wrist at the point you plan on wearing it. Try not to have the measuring tape dig into your skin, as this will result in a smaller than ideal size. Once you have the circumference of your wrist, compare it to the chart below to find the correct bracelet size. If your wrist measures in-between two sizes, we recommend rounding up to the larger size. (ie: if your wrist measures 6.375"- you should shop for size "Medium" bracelets.)

 Wrist Circumference

Corresponding Bracelet Size











6.75" - 7"











You may want to drill down further on the bracelet sizing to make sure the cuff is a comfortable fit. You will notice on our website that we generally list four measurements for bracelets:

Keep in mind that certain bracelets can be adjusted slightly to fit your wrist, but those with inlay or stones all the way around will be damaged if bent. In any case, it is always best to check with with us to see if a particular bracelet is adjustable.

Lastly, have no fear! If you order a bracelet that doesn't fit, send it back for one that does! We want this to be a positive experience, you should never wear something that isn't 100% comfortable. More on our return policy here.


Sizing belt buckles is pretty straightforward. The height and width are self-explanatory, and the belt width describes the maximum belt width the buckle will fit on.

Concha Belts

We try to include the height and width for the conchas, as well as the buckle (if different), and the width of the belt they are on. The length of the concha belts can be less important, because these belts are often made quite long to accommodate many waist sizes, and then can be shortened to fit the wearer. If you are concerned whether or not a belt will fit you, just ask. We are happy to size most of our concha belts before shipping.