Alvin Yellowhorse

Born in 1968, Alvin is the older brother of Bryon Yellowhorse, the cousin of Veronica Yellowhorse, and the cousin of the late Lynol Yellowhorse.   "As a young boy, I remember helping my father set up a table of jewelry along the roadside of old Route 66 located near the Arizona and New Mexico borders in Lupton, Arizona.   It was in these earlier days of my life that I was inspired by my father to undertake the art of silversmithing.   It’s through these experiences that these creations are made possible.”    

Alvin has won numerous awards for his work, and was even featured with his brother in an article on turquoise in the August 1999 edition of Smithsonian Magazine.

Alvin’s designs are inspired by drawings found on nearby cliffs, which were left by his ancestors, ‘the Anasazi’.  There, designs are transformed through much thought into pieces of contemporary inlaid jewelry.  These designs are created with the use of sterling silver and or 14K gold, along with carefully selected stones from around the world.

Alvin is the proud father of 3 adorable daughters.

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