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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bola Tie
Spiny Oyster Shell Ring
Cluster Ring
Cluster Pendant
Gold on Silver Horse Pendant
Creation Story Ring
Cardinal Pin and Pendant
"Rain Over Spider Woman Rock" Bola Tie
Royston Turquoise Naja Pendant
Turquoise Pendant on Leather
Silver Overlay Bola Tie
Corn Maiden Pendant
Multi-Stone Pendant
Turtle Pendant
Silver Earrings
Hopi Overlay Pendant
Eagle Pendant
Sugilite, Turquoise, and Carnelian Pendant
Stamped Silver Naja Pendant
Fox Turquoise Naja Pendant
Fox Turquoise and Quarter Pendant
Fox Turquoise Pendant
Fox Turquoise Pendant

91 results

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