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Zuni Kachina Bola TieZuni Kachina Bola Tie
Sunface PendantSunface Pendant
Turquoise Inlay RingTurquoise Inlay Ring
Thunderbird Bola TieThunderbird Bola Tie
1970s Turtle Fetish Necklace1970s Turtle Fetish Necklace
1980s Rainbow Man Ring1980s Rainbow Man Ring
Rainbowman Pin and PendantRainbowman Pin and Pendant
Bear FetishBear Fetish
Corn Maiden FetishCorn Maiden Fetish
Frog FetishFrog Fetish
Peter Natewa Frog Fetish
$ 120
Frog FetishFrog Fetish
Peter Natewa Frog Fetish
$ 120
1960s Inlay Ring1960s Inlay Ring
1960s Kingman Turquoise Necklace1960s Kingman Turquoise Necklace
1960s Number Eight Turquoise Pin1960s Number Eight Turquoise Pin
1960s Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pin1960s Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pin
Jet LizardJet Lizard
Serpentine Frog
1969 Turquoise Pin1969 Turquoise Pin
Inlay Necklace and Earring SetInlay Necklace and Earring Set
Zuni Sunface BuckleZuni Sunface Buckle
Zuni Fetish Necklace SetZuni Fetish Necklace Set
Kingman Turquoise RingKingman Turquoise Ring
Stamped Silver EarringsStamped Silver Earrings
Stamped Silver EarringsStamped Silver Earrings
Bird Concha BeltBird Concha Belt
Inlay Copper PendantInlay Copper Pendant
1910s Zuni Olla1910s Zuni Olla
1970s Mosaic Inlay Pendant1970s Mosaic Inlay Pendant
Snake FetishSnake Fetish
1960s Turquoise Cuff1960s Turquoise Cuff
Mosaic Inlay PendantMosaic Inlay Pendant
Turquoise RingTurquoise Ring
Watch BandWatch Band
Multi-stone PendantMulti-stone Pendant
1960s Turquoise Watch Cuff1960s Turquoise Watch Cuff
Kingman Turquoise NecklaceKingman Turquoise Necklace

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