Coral, Turquoise, and Gold Necklace

Victor BeckSKU: NK00092

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It is with great pleasure that we present a stunning necklace by award-winning Navajo artist, Victor Beck. This phenomenal necklace can be worn in at least six different configurations and features 14k gold, high grade natural turquoise, and Mediterranean Coral.

The necklace is comprised of three components, which when arranged in different combinations, create 6 distinct necklaces. The first component is the largest - a 20 inch, 9-strand Mediterranean Coral necklace with small 14k gold Beads and natural Turquoise beads. The Coral necklace features large 14k gold "cones" on both ends, each inlaid with Natural Turquoise, Lapis, Opal, and Mediterranean Coral. The two cones may be clasped to themselves as a standalone necklace as well as to the other two components.

The second component to this necklace is a 12 inch, single strand of hand-rolled beads. Combined with the primary necklace, it creates a 32" long necklace. The beads, which Victor hand-cut himself, feature natural Kingman Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral, Jet, Shell, and 14k Gold Beads. The strand is finished on both ends by 14k gold cones. While this strand of beads is likely too short to be worn as a standalone necklace, it is an integral part of the many necklace combinations.

The third and final component is a handmade 14k Gold chain at five inches. This chain can be added to the primary necklace to make a 25" Necklace, added to the bead strand to make a choker necklace at 15.5", or combined with both strands to make a splendid 37.5" necklace.

Sacred Stones

This strand of beads also has special meaning, as Victor has included some Navajo symbolism. On one end of the strand, there is a series of stones that represent the Four Cardinal Directions for the Navajo, as well as the center direction, or home. These Four Sacred Stones begin with White Shell, which represents the East, and continue in a clockwise direction to Turquoise (South), Abalone (West), and end with Jet (North).

Turquoise mines used in this necklace include Kingman, Sleeping Beauty, and Morenci.

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