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Wedding Basket SetWedding Basket Set
Teec Nos PosTeec Nos Pos
Cora Tom Teec Nos Pos
$ 1,250
Sunface KachinaSunface Kachina
Canyon Wren KachinaCanyon Wren Kachina
Mocking KachinaMocking Kachina
Black Jade NecklaceBlack Jade Necklace
Mona Laughing Crystal
$ 1,250
Mosaic Inlaid CuffMosaic Inlaid Cuff
Mosaic Inlay CuffMosaic Inlay Cuff
Carico Lake Turquoise BraceletCarico Lake Turquoise Bracelet
Turquoise and Coral PendantTurquoise and Coral Pendant
Cobbled Inlay CuffCobbled Inlay Cuff
1970s Squash Blossom Necklace1970s Squash Blossom Necklace
Eagle Boy KachinaEagle Boy Kachina
Dye ChartDye Chart
Ella Myers Dye Chart
$ 1,200
Dye ChartDye Chart
Ella Myers Dye Chart
$ 1,200
Dye ChartDye Chart
Ella Myers Dye Chart
$ 1,200
Bird Concha BeltBird Concha Belt
Kachina PaintingKachina Painting
Turquoise NecklaceTurquoise Necklace
1970s Turquoise Necklace1970s Turquoise Necklace
1970s Coral Cuff1970s Coral Cuff
Coral CuffCoral Cuff
John Hornbeck Coral Cuff
$ 1,900
Turquoise and Coral CuffTurquoise and Coral Cuff
Silver CuffSilver Cuff
Bisbee Turquoise EarringsBisbee Turquoise Earrings
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise NecklaceSleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace
Variscite Bead NecklaceVariscite Bead Necklace
Candelaria Turquoise CuffCandelaria Turquoise Cuff
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise CuffSleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff
Graceful Spring NecklaceGraceful Spring Necklace
Orchard Berry NecklaceOrchard Berry Necklace
Big Blue Turquoise NecklaceBig Blue Turquoise Necklace
Morenci Turquoise NecklaceMorenci Turquoise Necklace
Eagle Dancer CuffEagle Dancer Cuff
Mixed Night Dance CuffMixed Night Dance Cuff

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